Last week I won an Elevator UK award for Entrepreneurial Supporter of The Year and the experience was just phenomenal. It wouldn’t complete without a blog post here. Hence here is the story.

It was all started with a failure! I came up with an Idea then started working on it while still pursuing a full-time job and I felt lonely besides failing miserably. I wanted to speak to others who are in the same boat and brainstorm stuff but there is little to no such groups/events happening after 5pm in Aberdeen. A couple of events happening were, one was expensive and another was not so regular.

Then one day, Mary (a friend of mine) mentioned about Business Gateway Workshops. I attended each one of them. During the workshops I figured that everyone had the same challenge. That was the moment! A light bulb went on in my mind and next thing I did was I created a group on called Aberdeen-Entrepreneurship. We had 4 people at our first meetup. It was little discouraging but I didn’t quit. I organized an event almost every month. The latest meetup we had 35 people registered and 22 people turned up.

In between 4 and 35 there were many things happened. Elevator UK supported us with Venue sponsor, we had guest speakers, I launched a Podcast ‘Entrepreneurs Scotland‘ where I chat with successful entrepreneurs, Barclays Bank said they wanted to help as well and I also launched another Podcast ‘Entrepreneurs India‘ with a similar idea. Together two Podcasts were downloaded 90,000 times.

Impressed by my dedication Gillian nominated me for ‘Entrepreneurial Supporter of The Year’ at Elevator Awards 2016. I didn’t think I had a chance to win but no harm in trying, right? Cut to the chase, this happened on 30th June 2016.

This was an Incredible experience. Honestly, last time I won an award was in school English Elocution competition (I wasn’t studying English at the time), I won second prize. However, that time I knew I would win anyway as there were only two participants 🙂

The award gives a huge confidence and responsibility to do more. I would like to thank Elevator for continuous support as well as the award. This journey definitely wouldn’t have been possible without the support from my dearest wife. There are some great people out there who helped me throughout and I would like to thank each one of them. Lastly, Thanks to everyone who attended my events, supported the events, downloaded my Podcasts and cheered for me at the awards ceremony. Big Thanks to Michal for stunning photos too!

I can say that it was not easy but I enjoy it! If you have an idea and you are planning to turn that into a business, by all means, start as soon as you can! The most important part of any journey is to actually start!